Road bicycle racing

Road bicycle racing

Road bicycle racing is the cycle sport discipline of road cycling, held on paved roads. Road racing is the most popular professional form of bicycle racing, in terms of numbers of competitors, events and spectators. Wikipedia
Team members: Individuals and teams
Highest governing body: Union Cycliste Internationale
Olympic: Yes, men’s since the 1896 Olympics and women’s since the 1984 Olympics
Venue: Paved roads
Mixed gender: Yes, separate competitions



Whether you are new to the sport or you’ve been riding a road bike for years, if you are interested in getting involved with group rides, charity events, sportives, or signing up for your first race, here are some common terms you need to know!

Road Cycling Lingo – from A to Z

Aero: Or “aerodynamic.” Aero can be used to describe a bike or gear with features that help reduce wind resistance or a body position on a road bike. Aero bikes and gear come in handy during time trials and while sprinting. Liv makes an aero road race bike, the EnviLiv, and well as an all-around road racing bike with aero features, the

Attack: An aggressive jump away from other riders. Could be referred to as a “breakaway” (see below).

Blocking: Legally impeding the progress of opposing riders by getting in their way to give the team a better chance of success.

Bonk: When a rider has become severely exhausted due to mismanagement of fuel (food and/or water) intake.

Breakaway: A small group of riders (or single rider) who rides away from the group (or peloton) in a road race. Just because a group has sprinted away from the pack doesn’t mean that one of the members of this group will be the winner of the race. Breaks are often caught by the peloton because the larger group can work together to go faster with less effort than a smaller group of riders (see drafting).

Bridge: As in “briding the gap”, to catch a rider or riders who have gotten away from the group.

Bunch: A large group of riders within a race. (Also known as group, pack, field or peloton)

Cadence: The rotation of a rider’s pedal stroke, which is measured as “RPM” (see below).

Century: A Century is a 100 mile or 100 km ride or race. Many sportives and charity rides will have a century or metric century option.

Clincher: A type of tire that has a separate inner tube. Learn more about road bike tires HERE>

Criterium (crit): A crit is a type of road race that is on a short course, usually around a city or town. The race is generally closed to traffic and features tight corners, fast-paced riding and multiple sprints and changes in the peloton. The riders will complete multiple laps on the course in a defined amount of time.

Downshift: To shift into an “easier”/ lower gear, meaning shifting into a larger cog on the cassette or smaller chainring.

Drafting: When you ride in the space behind the rider in front of you to reduce the amount of effort it takes to go the same speed. When drafting, the lead rider can be working 15-30% harder than the riders behind him/her, depending on their distance. Road racers use drafting as a team so select riders can save their energy for the final sprint

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